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Amazing Ronaldinho Humiliating Great Players

Robbo 1 year ago
  • If you follow football, you know who Ronaldinho is. If you know who Ronaldinho is and anything about him, it is impossible to be neutral about him. He was part of that fearsome attacking trio in Brazil’s 2002 World Cup winning team in Japan/Korea. He was twice named FIFA World Player of the Year, in 2004 and 2005 and the Ballon D’Or winner. He won the Spanish La Liga title twice with Barcelona, was capped 97 times for Brazil for whom he scored 33 goals and as you can imagine, was the recipient of a plethora of individual awards.

    But what set Ronaldinho apart was the unique nature of his talent, his artistry and near cavalierness in how he employed this talents. His trickery with the ball, dribbling artistry, his ridiculous kicks, even over head kicks, his passing, the nutmegs, the no-look passes were stuff of legend to fans, and unmatched frustration to opponents. His free kicks travelled a path that defied science sometimes.

    Ronaldinho was easily one of the most talented football players of all time. But for all his gifts, he was also one of the most frustrating players. He was not known for his hard work. He did not push himself beyond where he is skills put him they said. He could have incomparably separately himself from the rest in football lore, but many contend he didn’t try.

    Here is a sampling of what the little man could do on the field with the ball. Here is a little reminder why he is simply one of the best ever. Watch and enjoy!

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