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Blitzball Trickiest Trick Shots!

Robbo 1 year ago
  • There are trick shots and then there are trick shots. Remember this? “Off the floor, off the scoreboard, off the backboard, no rim….” You do? That was Larry Bird and then this.. “off the 2nd rafter, off the floor, nothing but net… “ Yes that was Michael Jordan as both allegedly called out the trickiest shots in a fight for a McDonalds lunch. It was fun to watch though.

    Trick shots are always fun. Some are downright mind boggling. The ease with which the few guys who can do them do them is something I have forever been jealous of. The thing I have always wondered about though is this: Why don’t the best trick shooters in any game ever make it to the highest levels of the game? Pool, basketball, soccer… you name it. If you are a trick shooter, that’s about as much as you can be.

    Thats why it makes sense to get really good at trick shots in a game where (so far) there are no major professional leagues so when you are that good, you are by definition at the top. Blitzball is, according to it’s website, “… the ultimate backyard baseball! With its unique, patent-pending design, Blitzball gives players MORE curving action, speed, and Home Run distance than any other backyard / plastic baseball…” The thing is practically made for trick shots! In the backyard!! In that spirit, allow the guys are Dude Perfect to blow your minds with these Biltzball trick shots. Watch and Enjoy!

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