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Nico Rosberg Hits Lewis Hamilton – F1 2016 Austria Last Lap

Robbo 1 year ago
  • The Austrian Grand Prix is done and dusted. Lewis Hamilton won it in spite of, it would look like, a series of decisions and actions by Mercedes that even viewed most charitably can only be seen as vexing. Some less charitable people would be inclined to describe the actions as stupid at best, counterproductive, and worse, akin to sabotage..

    The last pitstop tyre strategy for really vexing to be honest, despite Mercedes’ protestations and their best explanation! Plus, why did they bring in Lewis first? Everything they did looked to the naked eye, unhelpful to Lewis and beneficial it would also seem, to Nico. So much so Lewis dropped to 5th. But the one you can never ever doubt about Lewis is that he never gives up. He is willing to break the car to win. And push he did.

    He closed in on Nico in that final lap after posting the fasted lap of the race! And Nico of course panicked. He had nothing, he was done. Lewis pass him in turn 2 and Nico, deliberately decided not to turn his wheel so he could push Lewis off the track and push him off the track he did. Lewis held on, came back on the track and the cars touched again. And as Karma would have it, Nico’s car suffered damage. F1’s investigation found Nico culpable but the punishment was toothless. And yet Toto says they are thinking of imposing team rules? What they need is to talk to Nico, that’s what.

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