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Ozil Gorgeous Delicious Goal!

Kirreo 1 year ago
  • It was late in the second half in the Champions League group fixture between the Premier League’s co-leaders Arsenal and Bulgarian League champions Ludogorets. The score was tied at 2 – 2. It was the first day of November, historically Arsenal’s perennially worst month, the month they perennially lose their chance at the title. Arsenal fans everywhere were beginning to get that sick, sickening feeling deep in the pit of their stomachs. The anxiety in all Goonerdom was palpable

    Arsenal fans everywhere could be forgiven for thinking the game should have been a fairly easy affair for their Gunners. After all, they had just put a rather easy 6 goals past this very same Ludogorets hardly more than a fortnight before. They could also be forgiven for a feeling of foreboding. This after all, was a the beginning of November, the month when the Gunners typically collapse and all but drop out contention for major trophies.

    The game had started rather ominously for the Gunners, falling behind 2 – 0 in the first 15 minutes of the game. But they had eventually clawed back to level the score. It was beginning to increasingly look though like the Arsenal would have to settle for a draw and all manner of second guessing and forecasts of doom from their fandom and all football punditry as they are wont to do about Arsenal.

    Then, Elneny won the ball in the midfield. He looked up, saw Ozil with a chance to get behind the defenders. He made one of the more beautiful long passed you will see. He placed the ball just behind the defenders and just short of the oncoming goalie. Ozil, on his first touch stroked the ball over the goalie, dinked and put the first oncoming defender on his behind on the grass, dinked and put the second defender also on his back on the grass, touched the ball once more time just for giggles and slotted it into an empty goal. Goonerdom went into rapture. It was class. It was a thing of beauty. It was a win. Watch and Enjoy.

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