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Sam Dekker Hit The Deck Against The Knicks

Goria 1 year ago
  • Although early in the season, Sam Dekker’s hilarious reaction against the Knicks put him as one of the biggest favourites for the blooper of the year. Dekker was in a perfect situation to score quick points on a one-man fast break, but to the absolute delight of the fans at the MSG, he lost the control of the ball, slipped, fell on the floor, and the ball even hit his head in the process to go out of bounds.

    It was rather embarrassing for the young player, who is, by the way, in a quite decent form lately, but at least he proved that besides his basketball talents, he has to offer a bit of comedy to the audience as well. However, it seemed that he was so eager to score that he forgot to run and handle the ball at the same time, which was entertaining for the home fans. Even the host of this show couldn’t hide her amusement following Dekker’s fall. He will definitely be more careful next time he finds himself in the similar situation, and there is no doubt that the former Wisconsin Mr. Basketball will be better concentrated.

    Still, it happened late in the first quarter, and with plenty of time left, Dekker moved on from his ridiculous mistake and ended the game with five points and seven rebounds, helping the Rockets to beat the Knicks 118-99. Although he is an early candidate for the biggest fail of the season, the former first-round pick is a young player, and the 22-year-old forward has a bright future ahead of him. With the help of fantastic James Harden, who scored 30 points and added 15 assists and six rebounds, Sam was the one who left the MSG with the smile on his face.

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