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The Craziest Goal You Will Ever See!!!

Kirreo 1 year ago
  • The fans witnessed an extraordinary goal scored by Prichett-Ettner in a soccer game between ThunderRidge and Columbine. A spectacular flip over goalkeeper allowed Prichett-Ettner to put the ball into the net easily, but the referee disallowed a goal because of the alleged offside.

    It is very difficult to conclude whether it was an offside or no, but it’s a bit disappointing that the ref didn’t allow such a phenomenal goal. Even the striker didn’t expect that his flip will create a clear-cut scoring chance, but his excitement vanished after the referee decided to disallow the goal.

    The fans went crazy after what they saw; these kinds of goals are rarely seen, even at High Scholl level, so they weren’t happy after realised that the goal will not count. The goalkeeper was in disbelief after the theatric goal he conceded, but after the ref had called it off, the goalie felt relieved. He could react better to save the goal in first place, and after all, it was a shame that Pritchett-Ettner’s strike didn’t count, and the goalkeeper was quite lucky to avoid the embarrassment and mock from his fellows. On the other hand, Pritchett-Ettner will have to be careful in the future when he performs this type of stunt – it could be devastating for his “swimmers”.

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