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Are the Warriors a Lock to Repeat?

Are the Warriors a Lock to Repeat?

With a gaudy 48-4 record, it would be easy to assume this NBA season is over and we may as well just hand Stephen Curry the trophy. While this may well happen, let’s not be so quick to right off the field. There are some really good teams that could get hot and win it all.

How about the Cleveland Cavaliers, who figure to get very little resistance in the Eastern Conference Playoffs. They could get to the Finals without breaking a sweat, while the Warriors, should they get there are looking at a couple of tough opponents in perhaps the Los Angeles Clippers and either the San Antonio Spurs or Oklahoma City Thunder. Those look to be a couple of tough six or seven game series right there.

Unless the Cavs draw a series with the Miami Heat at the top of their game, it wouldn’t seem like anyone other than possibly the Toronto Raptors would even be able to extend them past five games. The Chicago Bulls are riddled with injuries. The Atlanta Hawks and Indiana Pacers do not look that good. The Boston Celtics are a bit too young yet.

Cleveland gave the Warriors a six game fight in last year’s Finals without Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving. They should be better this time around of those two are healthy. Lebron James can still carry a team for seven games as well.

If you don’t like Cleveland so much, then what about one of those Western teams? The Spurs have won five championships themselves in the Tim Duncan era. They know how to get it done. They have never gone back-to-back which means they are a good bet following a year they did not win it all, which they did not do last year.

Then we have the Thunder, who in recent years have not been healthy. When they are healthy, they are awfully tough. It could be now or never for this team because superstar Kevin Durant could walk after the season. The Thunder will be a tough out.

Then we have the L.A. Clippers who have been winning without their superstar Blake Griffin since Christmas. L.A. is 19-5 since Griffin went down. When they get Blake back, they could really be tough.

So while the Warriors are still an even money bet against the field, and for good reason, it may be too early to crown them just yet. Remember, everyone thought the 15-1 Carolina Panthers were a lock to win the Super Bowl.

Are the Warriors a Lock to Repeat?

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