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BadaSSitude NFL Players for Week 14: Patriots QB Tom Brady and Chiefs RB Jamaal Charles

Week 14’s BadaSSitude NFL Players of the Week are Patriots QB Tom Brady and Chiefs RB Jamaal Charles

Patriots QB Tom Brady
BadaSSitude NFL Players for Week 14: Patriots QB Tom Brady and Chiefs RB Jamaal Charles

It was another interesting week in the NFL as teams scramble to win and keep their playoff hopes alive. Also at this time in the season, teams are beginning to fill up their benches with injured players. It keeps things interesting but if your team’s record is going in the wrong direction, then you’re already thinking about next season (see Arizona Cardinals, Chicago Bears).

In Week 14, a number of players had great games but two stuck out as the BadaSSitude NFL Players of the Week: New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and Kansas City Chiefs running back Jamaal Charles.

New England Patriots QB – Tom Brady

Patriots QB Tom Brady

Ok, it’s a little hard to get excited about Brady getting another award, but hey, he’s having a great season and Monday’s game against the Houston Texans was no exception.

Anticipating some challenges from the Texans talented defense, especially defensive end J.J. Watts, this fell flat and instead it was the Patriots’ offense that shined, led by Brady.

For the game, he had for four touchdowns, 296 yards and zero interceptions. His accuracy has been consistent this season as he leads the NFL with 18 touchdowns and zero interceptions against added pressure. Brady also had his 45th straight game on Monday with a touchdown pass. This has him coming at No. 3 in league history.

As for Monday’s win, Brady was pretty blase about it. He said via ESPN, “It’s a Monday night game. We have played in a lot of big games in December.”

After defeating the Texans, next up is another Monday Night game this week against the San Francisco 49ers. Again, another test for Brady but one he will likely pass.

Kansas City Chiefs RB Jamaal Charles 

Chiefs RB Jamaal Charles

Hard to believe, but yes, a Chiefs player is worthy of a BadaSSitude shoutout.

Last week against the Cleveland Browns, Charles had 165 rushing yards, including his 80-yard touchdown run on the game’s first Chiefs play.

But for Charles, he’s returning from a torn ACL in 2011 and while he’s no Adrian Peterson, he’s had an impressive season.

He leads the AFC with his 1,220 rushing yards. His Sept. 23 91-yard touchdown run in the New Orleans Saints game represents the longest in the NFL for the 2012 season. Factor in his four 40-plus yard carries, which are tied for the second-highest for the NFL, andn he comes in just behind Peterson.

It may be important to also note that Charles was friends with the deceased Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher. He introduced the player to his former girlfriend Kasandra Perkins, who was his wife’s cousin.

Belcher committed suicide almost two weeks ago at the team’s stadium in front of the Chiefs GM Scott Pioli and head coach Romeo Crennel.

Charles hasn’t spoken out publicly about the incident but maybe his play tells his feelings about the incident.


BadaSSitude NFL Players for Week 14: Patriots QB Tom Brady and Chiefs RB Jamaal Charles

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