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BadaSSitude NFL Players for Week 4: RG3, Lance Briggs and Honorable Mentions

BadaSSitude NFL Players for Week 4: RG3, Lance Briggs and Honorable Mentions

It was another good week in the NFL, especially since many games either came down to the last minute of regulation play or needed overtime to secure the win. There were a number of players deserving the title of BadSSitude Player of the Week but I’m going to start with two and then name two additional ones as honorable mentions.

Washington Redskins Quarterback Robert Griffin III

Once again RG3 dominated the headlines this week for his great play. In Week 4’s game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the rookie led his team to a 24-22 win without the use of his headset.

In the game’s final 1:42, Griffin orchestrated six plays for 56 yards to set up a field goal attempt. He achieved this going four for four and in one play, running for 15 yards.

He set up his kicker, Billy Cundiff, for a successful 41-yard field goal.

But this is what makes him a BadaSSitude player: he completed this drive by determining his own plays.

Can you say headset malfunction?

Yep, RG3 did all of this without his offensive coordinator, Kyle Shanahan, barking in his ear.

And just to add some more fodder for the honor, for the day, Griffin was 26 of 35 passes with a career-high 323 yards. The guy can also run: he had seven carries for 43 yards and one touchdown.

Chicago Bears Linebacker Lance Briggs

For Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, the Chicago Bears defense made his life hell in Monday night’s game with his five picks. One of them came from veteran linebacker Lance Briggs.

In the third quarter, Briggs intercepted Romo and ran 74 yards for a touchdown.

Who knew the player had such wheels?

Briggs said of the sprint via AP, “I haven’t run that long in a long time, that far.”

This was obvious as he was captured by photographers on the sideline receiving oxygen.

Honorable Mentions

Washington Redskins Kicker Billy Cundiff

While Cundiff scored the winning field goal for his team, earlier in the game it really wasn’t his day.

Fourth time was the charm for the kicker as he missed three earlier kicks including a 31-yarder in the fourth quarter that would have nudged his team ahead by two scores. His other two missed kicks were in the first half which included a 41 and 57-yarder.

So why a BadaSSitude shoutout? Cundiff was clutch and got the job done.

Atlanta Falcons Quarterback Matt Ryan

Matty Ice has led his team to 4-0 and in Sunday’s end of game performance, it was just one example of the great season he is having.

With 59 seconds remaining and his team behind 28-27, the ball sat at the Falcon’s 1-yard line. The clock was ticking and Ryan acted like he was going to do a handoff but instead threw a 59-yard pass on the left side to wide receiver Roddy White.

Fast forward a few plays and Falcons kicker Matt Bryant hit the winning 40-yard field goal.

According to the New York Times’ Chase Stuart, this drive represented Ryan’s third game-winning one that took place place in under a minute remaining in a game.

With this stat (3), Ryan sits behind Dan Marino and Mark Sanchez as the leaders with four apiece for the highest number of game wins with a one-minute drive since 1981.

BadaSSitude NFL Players for Week 4: RG3, Lance Briggs and Honorable Mentions

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