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BadaSSitude NFL Players for Week 6: Aaron Rodgers and Matt Bryant

Packers QB Aaron Rodgers
BadaSSitude NFL Players for Week 6: Aaron Rodgers and Matt Bryant

NFL Week 6 offered a number of upsets and injuries. At this point in the season, teams are showing some of their true colors and some of them need to make some changes.

For this week’s BadaSSitude NFL Players of the Week, there first one is obvious: Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers. After throwing himself under the bus for his team’s recent poor play, he steered his team in a 180 and defeated the unbeaten Houston Texans.

The second honor goes to the Atlanta Falcons kicker Matt Bryant. His 55-yarder with one second remaining allowed his team to take a three-point lead and keep their undefeated season. This is starting to be pattern for the Falcons.

Green Bay Packers Quarterback Aaron Rodgers

Packers QB Aaron Rodgers

After a “surprising” 30-27 loss Indianapolis Colts in Week 5, Packers Nation was not happy. Rodgers, showing why he is an MVP and a team captain, said last Tuesday via, “I haven’t played as well as the expectations are, obviously. The ones I put on myself, I like to think are as high or higher than the ones people outside put on me. It’s interesting to look at the stats for what they are and think I’m not playing my best football right now.”

Rodgers apparently practiced hard prior to Sunday’s game against the Houston Texans and led his team to a 42-24 win.

For Houston, it was the end of their perfect record.

For Green Bay, it got them back in the NFL North conversation and for Rodgers, it was a career-high day.

He threw six touchdown passes, tying the team record set by his former backup quarterback Matt Flynn from last season. He used three different receives to achieve this and for the day, he was 24 for 37 passes and 338 yards.

Next up for the Packers? They’ll play the St. Louis Rams on Sunday.

Atlanta Falcons Kicker Matt Bryant

Falcons kicker Matt Bryant

With one second remaining and a perfect record on the line, Falcons kicker Bryant kicked a 55-yard field goal that enabled his team to see win No. 6.

But it wasn’t a perfect day for Bryant. He missed a 43-yarder early in the game, which broke his streak of 23 straight field goals dating back to the 2011 season.

Kickers need short memories and with the game-winning kick, it represented his longest one since Bryant joined the Falcons (2009) and the second game-winning one in the last three weeks.

Bryant was previously clutch in Week 4. The Falcons beat the Panthers 30-28 thanks to a 40-yarder with 5 seconds remaining.

Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan said of Bryant after Sunday’s last second kick, “He knows how to get himself prepared, how to calm himself down, how to get it through those pipes. He’s made a lot of clutch kicks for us through the years.”

This weekend, the Falcons have a bye week. Then they’ll play the Philadelphia Eagles.


BadaSSitude NFL Players for Week 6: Aaron Rodgers and Matt Bryant

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