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Brady and The Patriots: They Cheat, They Lie, They Steal For The Win

Brady and The Patriots: They Cheat, They Lie, They Steal For The Win

Tom Brady, quarterback of the New England Patriots, will most certainly go down as one of the best quarterbacks ever in the NFL. He will be remembered as probably one of the most competitive human beings ever. One of the reasons he wins so much is because he hates losing so much. It is refreshing for me, to see a guy leading a team that is 35 points up, in the fourth quarter still looking to score. You have to love the middle finger to the sanctimonious “don’t run up the score” bullshit.

New England, under Bill Belichick will go down as probably the most successful NFL franchise ever on the field. Their record with Belichick at the helm is nothhing short of breathtaking. In fifteen regular seasons since Belichick arrived, the Patriots have amassed a 73% winning record with 175 wins to 65 losses. Their winning percentage in the playoffs is 72% at 21 wins against 8 losses. They have won 67% of their Super Bowls appearances winning 4 out of 6 appearances. They have won twelve division titles in 13 playoff appearances in 15 years. Not bad at all, eh?

Except there is “but”. They cheat and they lie. They will do anything. They will push the envelope until it busts at the sims in order to win. Belichick, Brady and the New England Patriots in general will do anything to win. Legality, honor and integrity do not mean jack to them as long as they win. They push so hard, so unrelentingly, the only times they back off is when they are caught red handed and forced, in a court of law and in a legal process to admit guilt. And even then, they fight it to the end.

Remember Spygate anyone? Spying, cheating, stealing the opposition signals – anything and everything to win. In retrospect, the punishment handed out was no more than a slap on the wrist. The Patriots are psycopaths with no respect for the integrity of the game as long as they win. Remember the shit they pulled with formations against the ravens? Quite the harbinger it was. Because behind it came “Deflategate”.


Deflategate seemed out of character. Most of us watched and listened but we kept thinking that surely the Patriots could not be that stupid. Surely. But that’s the thing about psychopath – they don’t have the sensibility for societal norms and standards. And yes, it turns out they were that stupid. But true to form, they fought the charges even knowing full well they were guilty as sin and that the NFL had evidence. And today, we learned a little more. Brady apparently went to great lengths to destroy evidence, ordering the destruction of a phone that had damning evidence. The punishment again, to the NFL’s shame is clearly no more than a slap in the wrist. Can’t wait to see what they will attempt (and probably succeed) to pull off this season. You?

Brady and The Patriots: They Cheat, They Lie, They Steal For The Win

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