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Brady Faithful Has Rally In Support of His Suspension

Brady Faithful Has Rally In Support of His Suspension

The American justice system, proving that people who do the crime, do the time. No one is special, and the wrath of a judge’s gavel will reign down on criminals, even if you’re Superbowl MVP Tom Brady. Okay, Brady isn’t going to Jail, but this is a serious matter. (Still.)

But, if you ask a Pats fan, Tom Brady is a God! (Granted, Brady did save my fantasy football season but I try to be impartial.) According to Pats Nation, Brady’s suspension should be lessened or terminated. New England fans gathered early Sunday afternoon at Gillette Stadium to protest the four-game suspension handed out due to Brady’s involvement in the “Deflategate” scandal. (I do not know if the same support would be shown to Jimmy Garoppolo.)

The “Free Tom Brady” march gathered a whopping 150 dedicated people, all vocal about the innocence of golden arm Tom.

The protest started on Facebook, with a group dedicated to “protest the unjust football arrest of half God half man Tom Brady.” Pablo Munez, the creator of the group, said that over 600 people committed to attend. “Money can’t buy legacy, and that’s what’s being tainted right now,” Munez told the Boston Herald. Munez continued speaking with the Herald, suggesting that this was all for Brady, and not a way to become internet famous.

Brady’s suspension is currently upheld, after the “Deflategate” investigation said it was more likely than not that Brady was aware of team employees who let some of the air out of Patriot’s footballs. While there was not substantial evidence, the NFL still came to the conclusion after the Wells report was released that Brady should be suspended for his involvement.

The incident happened during an American Conference final against Indianapolis, in which Brady’s Patriots won 45-7. Brady then led his team to the Superbowl, capturing the fourth title of Brady’s career.

Brady isn’t the only Patriot’s employee affected by this attention. Two employees were suspended without pay indefinitely, as well as one NFL employee being fired for trying to sell the footballs used during the scandal.

While many of you are sick and tired about hearing about “Deflategate”, it is still quite intriuging. With the coming weeks we will see what happens with Brady’s suspension, and also if I have to find a new QB until week 5 of Fantasy Football.



Brady Faithful Has Rally In Support of His Suspension

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