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Bryant and Romo? Dallas…We Have a Problem!

Bryant and Romo? Dallas…We Have a Problem!

Tonight was a rare occurrence in a football game. Both Cowboys fans and Eagles fans will walk away dejected from the game they have just witnessed. The reason for the Eagles? Well their team played subpar, starting off 0-2 to kick off the season. Dallas’ reason? For the second week in a row, they have lost a pivotal member of their squad.

Tony Romo was tackled in what seemed like a regular hit to any Quarterback, but he didn’t get up after being hit. Concerns about the left side of Romo came to mind, as he missed games before in his career with a broken collarbone. And after being sent to the locker room, Romo appeared on the sidelines in no gear and sporting a sling. Yep, déjà vu, Romo once again has a broken left clavicle.

Dez Bryant went down in week 1 with a broken foot. Early reports indicated that Bryant could be out from 4-6 weeks, but new reports surfaced today that it may be more like 10-12 weeks for the dominant wide receiver.  Romo’s injury will continue to be evaluated tomorrow, and there is no timeline for his return at this point.

Brandon Weeden replaced Romo after being injured, and after early Super Bowl aspirations, the loss of two vital organs inside the Cowboys offense will make it nearly impossible for Dallas to reach the Holy Grail of football.

Of course, the loss of Romo came against the Philadelphia Eagles, where former Cowboy DeMarco Murray now runs the ball. So, in the matter of an off-season and two games, the Cowboys have lost Romo, Bryant and Murray. Obviously the Murray replacement was on the radar, but with only one other QB on the Cowboys roster, they are pretty much out of options in the pocket.

Can Dallas pull together wins without their QB and WR?

Bryant and Romo? Dallas…We Have a Problem!

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