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Can Miami Heat Win 7?

Can Miami Heat Win 7?

So, are we ready to take a second look at the Miami Heat now and rethink all the cynicism and downright hating?

I am not a big fan of the Miami Heat. In fact, I am one of those people who always thought very poorly of Lebron James. Not because he left Cleveland – that is his right and a choice he is entitled to – but more because of the way he did it. Like many, I thought the preseason celebration when he signed with Miami was a little much. So I was not altogether unhappy when they started the season tentatively.

But talent is talent. As Miami got to know each other late in the season, you could tell. You could see the talent start to come through. You could see the team starting to believe. When the playoffs started, they were a little tentative but increasingly, you could see the team confidence starting to grow, This team was beginning to get a little BadaSSitude. The Boston Celtics series was the switch that lit the bulb for the Miami Heat. You could tell they now new they could be beat a good team when it counted. The stars , whose confidence might have been shaken by an uneven season, now were confident. Leaders became leaders.

But if the Boston Celtics series was the switch that turned on the light, the Chicago Bulls series was the one the fueled the burning light. In the Chicago series, the Heat showed off and in front of our very eyes, became a defensive team. In the Chicago series too, we saw the Miamia BadaSSitude a-coming!

Can Miami Heat Win 7?

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