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Can Someone Please Do Something Stupid During Super Bowl Week?

Can Someone Please Do Something Stupid During Super Bowl Week?

The forty-sixth version of the Super Bowl will be played in two weeks and with my Pittsburgh Steelers not participating it gives me the opportunity to pay more attention to the things that really matter. You know, things like the commercials, the menu of food and beverages at the Super Bowl party and of course the non-stop pregame hype.

 Ahh yes, the pre-game hype. Rumor has it that the NFL Network will start Super Bowl pregame coverage five minutes after the NFC Championship game ends on Sunday.viagra One thing has been missing however that I believe we sorely need during the two-week lull in the action and that would be controversy!

 When is the last time someone like Bears’ QB Jim McMahon mooned a news helicopter down in New Orleans prior to Super Bowl XX? I can handle only so much Tom Jackson and Chris Berman. I need something juicy and I’m not talking about Suzy Kolber.

 Speaking of Suzy, her now famous interview of the inebriated Joe Namath harkens the memory of his famous ‘guarantee’ prior to his New York Jets beating the heavily favored Baltimore Colts in Super Bowl III. Guys make guarantees know all the time which has essentially taken all the luster of the once revered gesture.

 Where is the next Thomas ‘Hollywood’ Henderson who insults the opposing team’s quarterback? It was Henderson who famously said Terry Bradshaw was so dumb that he could spell cat even if you spotted him the ‘c’ and the ‘a.’

 Part of the problem is the police state that Commissioner Roger Goodell has these guys living in now in the NFL. Fear of saying the wrong thing is as concerning to a player now as is hitting him helmet-to-helmet.

 Wasn’t it Green Bay wide receiver Max McGee who scored the first-ever touchdown in the Super Bowl history? Yes it was and he did it while nursing a hangover. McGee had no designs on even seeing the field as the back-up to Boyd Dowler but when Dowler went down on the second drive of the game, in came McGee. In fact McGee had to borrow someone’s helmet because he left his in the locker room.

 Speaking of helmets, in somewhat more recent history, Bills running back Thurman Thomas couldn’t start the Super Bowl because he couldn’t find his helmet on the sidelines. And we wonder why the Bills were winless in four straight Super Bowls.

Super Bowls now are dominated by the annual press days where just about anyone with a microphone is allowed in the stadium and the whole event is now watered down with players basically zipping their lip for fear of inciting the opponent.

 Hopefully this year regardless of who is in the big game maybe we’ll see a return to something interesting, fun or unusual during Super Bowl week. I would recommend however that you don’t pull a ‘Eugene Robinson.’ Feel free to Google that kids.

Can Someone Please Do Something Stupid During Super Bowl Week?

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