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Cavs Have No Shot as Warriors Roll

Cavs Have No Shot as Warriors Roll

It is looking more and more likely that Lebron James will not be able to break the “Cleveland Curse.” The Golden State Warriors are just too much for them to handle. To “Win one for the ‘Land” the Cavs must win at least on game in Oakland. After last night, that does not seem likely. In Game One, Steph Curry only scored 11 points and yet the Warriors won in a rout. If Curry doesn’t even have to have a good shooting night for the Warriors to win, then what chance do the Cavs have when he is himself? Zero.

The Warriors look as if they are this generations 90s Bulls, 80s Lakers and 60s Celtics. They are the one who will win “not three, not four, not five” as Lebron famously claimed the Miami Heat would do when he left Cleveland for South Beach. Cleveland fans were more angry than any jilted fan base in NBA history. So nasty was the break-up it was very surprising that Lebron ever wanted to return. As it turned out, both parties were right at the time. Lebron won two NBA Championships while teaming up with Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh in Miami, and Cleveland is likely to see a reign with one of the NBA All-Time Greats spending the bulk of his career with them yet netting no titles.

Lebron is about to begin the downslope of his career. He has played a ton of basketball since coming to the Cavs right out of high school. This is his sixth year in a row making it to the NBA Finals. That means around 100 NBA games per year for six straight seasons. Before that run, his Cavs went to the Finals once and the Eastern Conference Finals and semifinals several other times. Throw in his summers spent on Team USA, and he has logged a ton of minutes. His body is going to start breaking down soon.

Meanwhile, Curry and his Warriors seem to be getting better and better every year. They don’t look to be going anywhere in the near future. The you have some up and comers in the Eastern Conference such as the Toronto Raptors, Boston Celtics and one day possibly the Philadelphia 76ers when some of these draft picks start panning out, and it’s easy to see the Cavs slipping the next few years. This year’s NBA Finals is all but over. Cleveland will be lucky to avoid a four-game sweep. The Cavs may get back there next year, but it’s a very good probability they’ll just wind up facing Golden State again.

So the Cleveland Curse will continue.

Cavs Have No Shot as Warriors Roll

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