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Cavs Show Signs of Life in Game Three

Cavs Show Signs of Life in Game Three

The Cleveland Cavaliers showed some mental and physical toughness on Wednesday night in Game Three of the NBA Finals. After being blown out in the first two games to the tune of an NBA record 48 points, the Cavs looked like a team on life support.Then throw in the concussion to Kevin Love which sidelined him for Game Three, and it looked as if the Golden State Warriors were on the verge of a four game sweep.

But fortunes can sometimes turn on a dime in a seven game series, and that’s what may have happened here in Game Three. The Cavs jumped on the Warriors early, stretching a first quarter lead to 20 points at one point. Then Klay Thompson limped off after crashing into Timofey Mosgov who set a screen for Kyrie Irving. Steph Curry also went scoreless in the first quarter after picking up a couple of quick fouls.

The Warriors never really got back into the game after the Cavs quick start. Now the Cavs have a chance to draw even with another win at home in Game Four. So impressive was their performance that many are wondering if they should sit Love again.

Cleveland should probably hold ordering their championship rings though. After all, this is only one win and they still need three more in four games against a team that was 73-9 this year. Oklahoma City need only one win in three games to be in this series. They never came.

If the Cavs do win Game Four, all that means is the series gets a bit interesting. But if we’ve learned one thing about the Warriors, they can look really bad for a game or two, but they bounce right back. Curry hasn’t gone off yet in this series. That should be scaring Cavs fans to death, because everyone knows it will happen at some point. When it does, things could get really ugly.

But at least we know there will be a Game Five back in Oakland now. Last year, the Warriors clinched on the road in Cleveland so it would be nice to see them clinch at home. If they win Game Four, and we believe they will, that will likely happen in Game Five. Kevin Love or no Kevin Love.

But, give the Cavaliers some credit. They at least are putting up a decent fight.

Cavs Show Signs of Life in Game Three

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