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City Looks Dreadful in Loss to Everton: Time to Think Champions League

City Looks Dreadful in Loss to Everton: Time to Think Champions League

Manchester City can forget about the Premier League. They’re out of it. in fact, if they don’t start playing better soon, they will be in the Europa League next season. They lost in embarrassing fashion on Sunday to Everton 4-0. 4-0 losses should be reserved for the bottom tier of the league, not Man City.

Under Pep Guardiola, a man who guided Barcelona and Bayern Munich to championships galore, City looks even worse than last season, a year in which they fired Manuel Pellegrini while hae was taking them further in the Champions League then they’d ever been. This illustrates two things. One, the Premier League is top priority in England, and two, winning it is much tougher than winning La Liga or Bundesliga with one of the top teams.

Will Guardiola win a Premier League Championship at Manchester City? Maybe. But it won’t be this season. Chelsea looks to be the runaway winner this year. Good news for City fans is that Chelsea was terrible last year. So things can change drastically from one season to the next. Just ask Leicester City fans.

But for now, City needs to focus on the F. A. Cup and the Champions League. It’s puzzling to wonder how a team that went to West Ham and wiped them out 5-0 in an F. A. Cup match can go to Everton and stink up the place barely a week later like they did. Guardiola looked as if he had no answers after Everton took a 1-0 halftime lead and made it 2-0 a minute into the second half. Cameras showed him slumped over staring at the ground, the picture of frustration.

What is City’s problem? Defense. Or a lack thereof. City misses Vincent Kompany for sure. Without him they are porous on the defensive end. Even when City wins at home against a bottom of the table team, they can’t get a clean sheet. Maybe they should have kept Joe Hart, although goaltending hasn’t been the only issue. In the offseason, City needs to sign some guys who can defend without getting a red card. Fernandinho is a good player, but he’s rarely been on the pitch recently because of red cards.

Whatever they decide to do, they should focus on the Champions League this year because they likely won’t be back next year.

City Looks Dreadful in Loss to Everton: Time to Think Champions League

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