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City Well on their Way to Quarters of Champions League

City Well on their Way to Quarters of Champions League

Manchester City has had a rough stretch as of late. They have lost two critical home matches in the Premier League and got ran out of the FA Cup in an embarrassing 5-1 loss against Chelsea on Sunday. But when the team went on to Russia to take on Dynamo Kiev, they seemed to have found their game again.

Sergio Aguero put City on top early with a beautiful strike from just outside the goalie’s box at the 15′ mark. Then David Silva made it 2-0 from almost the same spot at the 40′ mark to give City a 2-0 halftime lead.

Kiev fought back in the second half, cutting the lead down to 2-1 on a strike from Buyalskyy at the 58′ mark and later Joe Hart made an amazing save to keep Kiev from equalizing. But City kept the pressure on as Yaya Toure nearly made it 3-1 with a header from point blank range that went just wide.

Toure got his score eventually when he sent a left footer just inside the post at the 90′ mark to make it 3-1 City.

City now goes home to face Kiev in Leg 2 with a 3-1 aggregate lead and three away goals, virtually assuring they will advance to the UEFA Champions League quarterfinals for the first time in team history. City can lose the second leg by one and still advance and could also lose 2-0 and still move on to uncharted waters.

In a season that started with such high hopes, and has resulted in the ouster of Manager Manuel Pellegrini at the end of the season, the Champions League could prove to be the savior. If City can continue this run, the the disappointment of the Premier League will not be as great.

Toure could be the key here. Rumored to also be on his way out because he and his agent do not care from incoming Manager Pep Guardiola, Toure could easily just play out the string until the send of the season. But if he stays motivated, that gives City three excellent offensive threats, all of who scored in this match.

If nothing else, City fans have a reason to still be excited about this season, instead of waiting on the Pep era to begin.

City Well on their Way to Quarters of Champions League

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