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Clippers Flailing on Road Trip

Clippers Flailing on Road Trip

Three games ago, the Los Angeles Clippers were 14-2 and looking like they could give the Golden State Warriors all they could handle in the Western Conference Championship race. Three games later, after losing in blowouts to the detroit Pistons and Indiana Pacers, the Clippers dropped their third straight, to the lowly Brooklyn Nets.

The Pacers are 9-9, the Pistons are 9-10 and Brooklyn is 5-12. If a team wants to be considered a serious Finals contender, they have to beat those teams. They surely do not need to be losing to all three of them. The Pacers game might be understandable. That was after a long plane ride. But to score only 70 points at Indiana? That should be a red flag.

Can the Clippers recover? Of course. The 82 game NBA season is a marathon and not a sprint. 70 win teams do not grow on trees, so most years the NBA Finals has 60 win teams in it. A win in their next game and the Clips are 15-5 which if they keep up that pace puts them at 30-10 after 40 games which means they would be 60-20 after 80. So it may not be time to panic just yet. But the Clippers had better get back to winning soon or that time could be just around the corner.

the Warriors have won 12 straight games and the Clippers are not three games down to them in the loss column. If they want to get to the NBA Finals, having to go through Oakland is the hard way. Ask the Oklahoma City Thunder about that. Two of the clippers next four games are against the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Warriors. The Cavs game is on Thursday which looks like a very possible fourth straight loss. Boy could they use a big win in that one!

Last night, in Brooklyn, Doc Rivers lost it in overtime, getting teed up and subsequently ejected. His tirade made it pretty much impossible for the Clippers to pull that game out, which they led much of the way. But perhaps it will fire up the troops going into the Cleveland game.  We shall see.

Cleveland is coming off a rather embarrassing loss themselves to the Milwaukee Bucks on Tuesday. J. R. Smith having a conversation with Jason Terry on the Bucks bench while his man is dunking the ball has been all over the airwaves today. So the cavs will come in looking to make amends also. Thursday night will be a good night to stay home and watch some NBA hoops.

Clippers Flailing on Road Trip

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