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College Football Playoff Picture: Only a Few Have a Shot

College Football Playoff Picture: Only a Few Have a Shot

We are down to the last weekend of the regular season in college football. There are now only a handful of teams with a chance to make the four team playoffs, which is how it should be at this time of the year. If history is an indication though, look for some kind of shakeup to happen this weekend.

The four teams in the playoffs if there were no games to play this weekend are Clemson, Alabama, Oklahoma and Iowa. If the season ended last week, not too many folks would have a beef with those four. But there are games to be played this weekend, and some of these four teams have a tough one.

Oklahoma is in. They don’t have a game this weekend and they are the Big 12 undisputed champions. The other three do however, play this weekend.

Alabama is home free. Florida has no quarterback, no kicker and no offensive line. They had to go to overtime to beat FAU two weeks ago and nearly lost to Vanderbilt four weeks ago. Last week they mustered 2 points. So pencil Alabama in.

But, Clemson and Iowa are far from home free. Most people actually expect Iowa to be knocked out by Michigan State in the Big Ten Championship Game. That would put the Spartans in of that does happen. Here is where it really gets interesting though. What if North Carolina beats Clemson?

If the Heels beat the Tigers, do they leapfrog several teams to go from #10 to #4? Should they? After all, they lost to 3-9 South Carolina. So if not the Heels, then who takes their spot? One loss Ohio State is a team capable of winning it all. But should they get a shot when they didn’t even win their half of the Big Ten? What about a two-loss Stanford? They would be the PAC 12 champs with a win over USC. Does the committee go with a two-loss conference champ with a win over Notre Dame, but a loss to another Big Ten team? Or go with a one loss defending national champion whose only loss was to another of the “Final Four” on a last second field goal?

If UNC beats Clemson, the committee is in for a rough weekend.

College Football Playoff Picture: Only a Few Have a Shot

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