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College Football Playoffs: Eight is the Correct Number

College Football Playoffs: Eight is the Correct Number

The College Football Playoffs have been a great thing in the sport. For the past three seasons, the playoffs have put to bed the outcry from fans and players and coaches alike who hated the fact that there was no playoffs in their game, even though under the BCS system there really was. It was a two-team playoff, but it was a playoff. The four team playoff is an improvement over that system, no doubt.

So what would improve the new system? An eight team playoff. Why do we need an eight team playoff? Look at this season’s playoff picture. The Oklahoma Sooners are the poster child as to why we need an eight team playoff. They are a win away from being crowned Big 12 Champs if they can beat Oklahoma State they have been on a tear since starting at 1-2 and they should be commended for scheduling¬†some tough games out of conference. The Sooners took on the Houston Cougars on the road in the season opener and as the Louisville Cardinals just learned, that is a tough game.

If we had an eight team playoff, the five Power Conference Champions could get an automatic bid. That would ensure none of the Power Five are left out and also it leaves three at-large bids for a team such as Ohio State who may have one loss but fail to win the Big Ten. Also, one bid could be saved for a team such as the Western Michigan Broncos, an unbeaten from the “Group of Five.”

So how would the logistics work? Simple. You play the quarterfinals the week after conference championship games, the week that is now reserved for the Army-Navy game. Move Army Navy to the following week, the first week of bowl games. Ten the four winners move on to the semifinals on New Year’s weekend, where they are now. The season would not be extended at all.

This format would end much of the debate about whether two Big Ten teams should get in, and whether any Big 12 or PAC 12 teams should get in. It’s a fair system for all involved.


College Football Playoffs: Eight is the Correct Number

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