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Come On Clemson! Save Us From Another Saban National Championship

Come On Clemson! Save Us From Another Saban National Championship

The Clemson Tigers take on the Alabama Crimson Tide tonight for the National Championship of College Football. Clemson was in this position a year ago and came up just a bit short of winning their first title since 1981. They have Deshaun Watson back at quarterback and Wayne Gallman back running the ball. He will have Hunter Renfrow to throw the ball to again, so a Clemson win is not out of the question.

Alabama though is the overwhelming favorite to win their fifth National Championship since 2009. And why wouldn’t they be? Coach Nick Saban has won this thing five times since 2003. He has yet to lose in a championship game. So there is no reason to think they won’t win tonight. They’ve been here and done this many times. Clemson has not.

But let’s hope that tonight the Tigers can come through. Here’s why. Alabama is ruining college football. Just like many fans feel like the UConn Huskies are making it tough for fans to get interested in the women’s game because everyone knows before the season starts who is going to win the Women’s NCAA Tournament. Just like people don’t want the end of the movie spoiled before they get to watch it, nobody wants to watch a sport for dour or five months and the already know who wins in the end. This is why Alabama needs to lose.

The NFL is getting tired of the New England Patriots. But at least they come up short in the postseason on occasion. They’ve lost in the AFC Championship Game and they’ve lost in the Super Bowl. So the NFL has some suspense in their game even though we know before the season starts we can pencil in the Pats in the AFC Championship Game. But Alabama is just about a mortal lock to win the whole thing, not just this year, but also in 2018, 2019, 2020…

Look at the recruiting rankings in this year’s recruiting services. Alabama is again number one. They get the pick of the high school players and then everyone else get the leftovers.

If this keeps up much longer, college football will be the loser. Did anybody watch the Alabama Washington game on New Year’s Eve? The Ohio State Clemson game was easily the more anticipated game. Everybody already knew who was going to win Alabama Washington.

Look at what Alabama has done to the SEC Championship Game. Ten years ago, that was one of the biggest sporting events on the calendar. It was always a great game with two great teams and a national championship often came to the winner. Now it’s a 30-point blowout the East Champions haven’t won since 2008. It’s becoming the MLB All Star Game. You already know the American League is going to win this year’s All Star Game and you already know Alabama is going to win next year’s SEC championship Game.

So please, just to make college football somewhat watchable again, Go Clemson!

Come On Clemson! Save Us From Another Saban National Championship

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