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Cowboys Knocked Out By Packers in a Classic

Packers QB Aaron Rodgers
Cowboys Knocked Out By Packers in a Classic

It took us four days if doubleheaders to get some good games in these NFL Playoffs. It was worth the wait. The game between the Green Bay Packers and Dallas Cowboys on Sunday was a fantastic game. It had the future Hall of Fame veteran quarterback in Aaron Rodgers, a guy nearly every team passed on in the NFL Draft facing against the hot shot rookie quarterback in Dak Prescott, a guy every team passed up multiple times in the draft. These two quarterbacks dueled right down to the wire.

In the final two minutes of the game we saw three scoring drives and three clutch 50+ yard field goals. Mason Crosby of the Packers hit two of them, one on the final play of the game that barely slipped inside the left upright to send the Cowboys fans home heartbroken. Rodgers broke their hearts the play before when he converted on a third and twenty on a play it looked like was going to be a Hail Mary. Instead he found Jared Cook when he rolled left and hit him on the sideline at the 33 yard line. Cook, who had a couple of passes he couldn’t bring in during the final drive that some thought he should have caught, brought the pass in, barely keeping his feet in and knees off the sideline before the catch. One little bobble and it was incomplete.

Crosby then came on and drilled a 50 yarder right down the middle. But wait, Dallas called a timeout just before the snap. So they had to do it again. This time the kick looked to be going wide left, but somehow faded back to the right and just inside the post.

The Cowboys trailed in this one 21-3 at one point in the first half as Rodgers showed why he’s perhaps the best quarterback in the game, or least in the NFC. But Dallas came back in the second half as Prescott played like a veteran. He led the Cowboys to two touchdown drives down 28-13, tying the game on a two-point conversion he ran in himself. Prescott truly had a remarkable rookie season and the playoffs were clearly not too big for him.

Rodgers finally won one of these close playoff games after suffering several last second postseason defeats the past three or four years. He really is one of the best ever. When Green Bay was 4-6 and looked like they were going nowhere, he said the Packers could still run the table. Everyone laughed. But now the Packers have won eight weeks in a row and are two short of a championship. Who’s laughing now?

Cowboys Knocked Out By Packers in a Classic

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