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Dak or Tony? Is This Even Debatable?

Dak or Tony? Is This Even Debatable?

So Dak Prescott is a rookie quarterback who’s never taken a team to the playoffs. So what? So Tony Romo is a veteran. Who cares? Has romo ever gotten the Dallas cowboys to the Super Bowl? No. Has he ever really gotten them close? Not really? Romo and the Cowboys have been playoff flameouts every single time they’ve been. So why are people discussing whether the Cowboys should go with Romo now?

Yes, the Cowboys lost last week 10-7 to the New York Giants. But, as of right now the Giants are the only team to beat Dallas all year. Plus, it was freezing cold inn that game. Cold weather normally creates a lower scoring game. Dallas is going to have home field all the way through the playoffs. They can close the roof and play in warm temps. Even if they do meet the Giants in the playoffs, let’s not forget that those two losses were by a combined four points.

It doesn’t matter if your quarterback is a rookie or not. When he’s 11-2, there is no reason to take him out. If something isn’t broke, then don’t fix it.

But this is the cowboys of Jerry Jones we are talking about. Jones had a multiple Super Bowl winning coach in Jimmy Johnson and ran him off because he wanted to call the shots. And he still wants to call the shots. It’s his team and he wants everyone to know it. So he may have Jason Garrett pull Dak and put Romo in just because he can. ¬†Hopefully for Cowboys fans he will show some restraint and keep Prescott as the starter for the remainder of the season and trade Romo at season’s end.

Even if Dallas doesn’t get to the Super Bowl this season, they are certainly on the way to getting there soon. Letting Prescott know that he’s the number one quarterback for the foreseeable future would go a long way towards getting them focused on that goal and not worrying about Romo.

Romo is still a good quarterback and could help a team get better such as the Bears, Jets, or Browns. But he is no longer needed in Dallas.

Dak or Tony? Is This Even Debatable?

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