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Dez Bryant Contract Talks Heating Up

Dez Bryant Contract Talks Heating Up

Dez Bryant and the Dallas Cowboys contract talks continue to heat up as Dez has stated that without a contract, he will not attend training camp. In terms of pressure on the gridiron, the ball is 2nd and long. There is time to make a play, but some serious ground has to be made up quickly.

Dez came out early last week saying that he would miss camp and games if he did not have a long-term deal by Wednesday. Newer reports denied the claim by Bryant, but Dez himself confirmed his plans, coming from a tweet.

The ultimatum was delivered via phone call from Bryant, and now Bryant and the Cowboys have until Wednesday at 4PM EST to find a new deal before Bryant can officially be tendered.

If Bryant accepts the tender contract, he’ll be making $12.8 Million. If he does accept that deal, it would give him a full season to negotiate with Cowboys management going into free agency next season.

After losing DeMarco Murray to the Eagles earlier this year, it is crucial for the Cowboys offense to pay Bryant a fair salary, as well as keeping him happy.

Bryant will not receive any disciplinary action for missing training camp if it comes down to that, but he will miss a whopping $752,000 USD for every game that he does not play this season.

Dez’s pride is also coming into play here in negotiation with the contract. Reports indicate that Bryant is a man with tons of pride, and just wants to be paid according to what he has accomplished on the field. While that is fair on Bryant’s side, I can also see this situation from the Cowboys’ perspective.

One, they don’t want to set the salary for elite QB’s, and two, if they can get Bryant at a cheaper price, why not tender him?

It’ll be interesting to see what happens during this saga. One party will walk away happy from this ordeal, but is it really better for the organization?


Dez Bryant Contract Talks Heating Up

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