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Don’t Overreact To Miami’s Game One Victory

Don’t Overreact To Miami’s Game One Victory

Don’t overreact to Miami’s game one victory over the Indiana Pacers. Let’s examine what happened in game one. Miami had to steal a game at home, in overtime, at the buzzer, to a team that is built to beat them. Indiana beat them twice in the regular season and they clearly aren’t intimidated by the lore of the Heat. This will be a long series and the Pacers have a legit shot at winning it.

LeBron knows it, that’s why he wasn’t excited and going crazy celebrating like the rest of Miami after that game one victory. He knows that they are in for a war and that Indiana could very well beat them.

Miami is the better team and should win the series, but they are beatable. Indiana has the formula to do it. They play the traditional way through the post. They use their dominant post presence to their advantage. And they have a superstar in Paul George who can create his own shot at will and also come through in the clutch.

LeBron will have to play at an extremely high level, along with Wade taking over and contributing in key moments, to win this series. Look for LeBron to more aggressive earlier in the rest of the games in the series.

The loss in game one was a bitter pill to swallow, but the Pacers know that they can compete with Miami everyday of the week. They must win game two and put the pressure on Miami. Miami is a great team and LeBron is a great player but his one weakness, or his weakest point, is very pressurized situations. He has avoided many of them by teaming up with Wade and Bosh in Miami. But if Indiana can go up in this series the pressure will be on Miami and it will be up to LeBron or Wade to step up and save the day.

I trust Wade more in pressure situations, but his health isn’t 100% so the responsibility would likely fall on LeBron. Winning game two is the first step in putting that pressure on the Heat. It’ll be a great series and I look forward to watching it regardless of the outcome.

Don’t Overreact To Miami’s Game One Victory

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