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Florida State’s Shocking Comeback Moves Them Up In Polls

Florida State’s Shocking Comeback Moves Them Up In Polls

If you went to bed at halftime of Monday Night’s game between the Ole Miss Rebels and Florida State Seminoles, then you must be a fan of FSU. Who could blame you? They looked to be dead in the water, even tough they scored late in the first half to cut the Ole Miss lead to 28-13. Nobody really believed the Noles would make a comeback to win the game. Chad Kelly was dealing. FSU’s defense seemed to have no answer for him.

With a true freshman playing at quarterback, it seemed like this game was in the bag for the Rebels. But that’s why they play four quarters.

In the third quarter, someone flipped a switch and the teams immediately reversed gears. Suddenly Ole Miss couldn’t block anyone and Florida State’s freshman QB looked a lot like a seasoned veteran. Deondre Francois did his best Jameis Winston impression and before anyone knew what was happening, the Seminoles had Ole Miss on the ropes. The entire first half deficit, which had grown to 22 points at one point, was gone and the Noles led before the start of the fourth quarter.

The defense became a turnover-causing machine with two deep in Ole Miss territory right after the half. They outgained Ole Miss in the third quarter 214 yards to -7 and had the lead back 29-28 with still over 9:00 to go in the quarter.

With the win, the Seminoles have now shot to #2 in the polls, ahead of ACC rival Clemson, who they will meet later in the season. The scary part of the Noles win is they only played two good quarters and got no points from Dalvin Cook, their Heisman Trophy candidate and still won the game against a very good team. What happens if they put it all together? Could they be the one team that could give the Alabama Crimson Tide a tough game?

We still have a lot of football to be played and week one is notorious for people over-reacting. But you can’t help bu be impressed with the way FSU looked in that second half.


Florida State’s Shocking Comeback Moves Them Up In Polls

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