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Grier Becoming the Next Star Quarterback at Florida

Grier Becoming the Next Star Quarterback at Florida

One thing that is a lot of fun about college football, is you can almost see kids turning into men in the course of a season. Rookie players in pro sports are sometimes behind the curve too, but in college sports you see freshmen who dominated their high school games suddenly thrown into stadiums full of 75,000 screaming fans against 11 guys who also dominated their high school games. It can be quite a shock to a kid. No position does this show more than at quarterback.

Sometimes you see a situation where a freshman has to start. There just isn’t anyone else on the roster better and they are thrown into the fire. Many times this winds up destroying a quarterback’s confidence as he keeps throwing interceptions and keeps getting sacked because the college game is just moving too fast for him. But sometimes, a freshman quarterback will get it. Sometimes it is a slow process. Sometimes a light seems to click on and all of a sudden they are no longer a freshman, but a starting quarterback.

The latter is what seems to have happened to Will Grier. If that is the case then this is probably the play it happened:

And only a week later, Grier and his young wideouts dismantled the #3 ranked team in the country in Ole Miss with plays like this:

And This:

But now comes the next challenge. Florida is no longer the hunter. They are now the hunted. The Gators have moved up to #11 in the polls and a favorite to win the SEC East. Now they face three straight games away from the Swamp in Missouri, LSU and Georgia. If Grier and his offense successfully navigate the rest of October, then watch out. And Grier could be the next great Gator quarterback.

Grier Becoming the Next Star Quarterback at Florida

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