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How Premier League Football Blew MFMind!

How Premier League Football Blew MFMind!

A couple or so weeks back. I am sitting around watching what should be for intents and purposes a nothing game between Sunderland and City, and lo and behold City barely eke out a draw. At that point I look at the table and I think Liverpool is looking very good for the trophy. And for me this is not a good thing. My best friend is an insufferable Liverpool fan. He was insufferable for the last 2 plus decades when the were not winning and the prospect of dealing with him if they won the trophy is not what I would choose for the next 12 months.

A couple of weekends later, I am thinking to myself that order must surely be restored and long shots can not continue their run. And then Sunderland beats Chelsea. WTF??? I asked Jose (that’s my buddy) if Liverpool paid Sunderland’s wages. A team at the bottom of the table essentially beats the #3 and then the #2 teams in succession. Football will blow your mind like that and it blew mine. Plus, why wouldn’t Sunderland leave the business of winning the league to Liverpool rather than winning it for them?

It got to a point where you would forgive a Liverpool fan who was stocking up on the champagne. We all thought they would run at Chelsea so viciously especially a Chelsea without Terry, Cahill and Luiz. But football is a funny thing. You have to play the game and you have to win the game. Which means you have to have a plan to win AND to not lose.

Liverpool has a plan for winning and it failed. They did not have a plan for not losing. Chelsea had a plan for not losing and it worked. They also had a plan for winning and it worked. Leading up to the game everyone was coronating Gerrard as the indomitable leader carrying his team to the inevitable trophy. But the cruelty of chance visited Gerrard and it would be him that would create the easiest chance for Chelsea, with which they took the lead and never looked back. The lead that just might have snatched the trophy out of Liverpool’s hands.

Sunderland blew everyone’s mind. But Crystal palace was amazing. They beat all the top 3 teams. This is why they play the games. This why I watch the Premier League.

How Premier League Football Blew MFMind!

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