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Just Give Alabama the Trophy Already

Just Give Alabama the Trophy Already

The Alabama Crimson Tide will win the College football National Championship…again. It’s over. Don’t try and tell me about Ohio State. I do not want to hear about Clemson (who should have lost this week). Get out of here with Louisville, or Washington or anyone else not named Alabama. Just give Nick Saban another damn trophy and be done with it. He is making a mockery out of what was once the greatest sport in the country, maybe even the world.

How do we know it’s over? Take the LSU-Florida controversy about where and when their game should be played. The original game was scheduled during the weekend of the Hurricane Matthew strike in Florida. That forced the cancellation of the game. After two weeks of haggling over where, when and even if the game would be rescheduled, the Gators finally gave in and agreed to go to Baton Rouge on November 19th. So Florida, who is in first place in the SEC East right now, has given up two home dates, the one against LSU and also one against Presbyterian. Let’s think about this for a minute. Why would they do this? It’s because the Gators brass knows that even if they win the East, it just means they get to go to Atlanta and get crushed by Alabama.

Imagine if this was the Steve Spurrier era or the Urban Meyer era. Do you think they would be going to Baton Rouge? No way. But this year? Why not. Florida has no chance to win the National Championship. They have no shot at winning the SEC. Not with Alabama lurking.  Florida, a team with a 5-1 record, has given up on the season. Do you think their fans don’t know what the deal is? Did you happen to catch how many empty seats they had at their homecoming game against Missouri? You could have had a barbeque in the North End zone and not gotten smoke in anyone’s eyes.  Florida let the one game that fans cared about go. The home schedule without LSU now consists of South Carolina. That’s it. So far, they have had UMass, North Texas, Kentucky and Missouri at home and now all they have left is the Gamecocks. And they did this why? Because the season is over.

Alabama is a threat to score on every play, even if they are on defense. They scored two non-offense touchdowns against the Tennessee Volunteers, a top ten team who looks forward to this game every year, in a 49-10 rout. The Tide is that good. This week they face an unbeaten Texas A&M team. It will matter little. Alabama will roll. No only would Alabama crush Ohio State or Clemson, they would crush the Green Bay Packers.

Until Nick Saban decides he has had enough and retires, Alabama will continue to ruin this once great sport for everyone else. There are well over 100 teams playing FBS college football, and all but one of them are playing for second place.

Just Give Alabama the Trophy Already

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