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LaMarcus Aldridge signs with the San Antonio Spurs

LaMarcus Aldridge signs with the San Antonio Spurs

The wait is finally over.

After meeting with seven NBA teams, LaMarcus Aldridge will be a San Antonio Spur, adding to the starpower that is already aligned in Texas.

It was well speculated that the dynasty could be over in San Antonio, with the potential of Duncan, Parker and Ginobili retiring,  but with Leonard and now Aldridge, the franchise has a chance to be a contender at least for the next four years. Duncan, Ginobili, Parker, Leonard, Aldrige are the big five in San Antonio, and this lineup could easily put another championship banner in the rafters.

While it may take some time for LaMarcus to adjust under the system of head coach Gregg Popovich, undoubtedly the leadership inside the locker room will make for an easier transition.

Aldridge has spent his entire nine-year career with the Portland Trail Blazers, who were an afterthought to Aldridge. It was reported that he wouldn’t be returning to Portland, no matter how much the Trail Blazers were willing to financially commit. Obviously, San Antonio was the number one team, but reports indicated that the Phoenix Suns were a close second at inking the four-time all-star.

LaMarcus was a second overall pick back in 2006, being drafted by the Chicago Bulls. He was later traded that same day to Portland, alongside a 2007 2nd round pick for Tyrus Thomas and Viktor Khyrapa.

With the addition of Aldridge, it may be enough to leapfrog the Golden State Warriors as early favorites to come out of the West. A year removed from winning their fifth title in the Duncan-dynasty era, Aldridge’s presence could potentially land another title in San Antonio.

LaMarcus Aldridge signs with the San Antonio Spurs

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