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Leicester Goes Down to Hull in Opener

Leicester Goes Down to Hull in Opener

Leicester City began last year’s Premier League campaign as a 5000-1 underdog. They went on to win the championship by 10 points, losing only three times in 38 matches. This year, they began as one of the favorites in the Premier League, and began the new season with a 2-1 loss at Hull City.

Leicester is learning that things even out in the sports world. Everything went in their favor last year. But things tend to even out over the long term and plays that looked like sure goals against Hull in the first half ended up with nothing on the scoreboard. Several Leicester players had great looks from point blank including Jamie Vardy but he was unable to convert.

As the game wore on, Hull began to believe they could win in their first game back in the Premier League. Then in stoppage time of the first half, disaster struck for Leicester as Adama Diamonde put one into the net to give Hull a 1-0 lead at the half.

It looked as if they poked the bear and woke it up with the goal as Leicester came out in the second half and quickly scored on a penalty kick from Riyad Mahrez to even the score at 1-1. But Robert Snodgrass of Hull scored the game winner at the 57′ mark and the newly promoted squad held the champions from there.

It was the first time a defending champion lost on the opening day of the season since 1989. Chelsea must not have played on the first day last year. The defending champs of a year ago got off to a dreadful start and never recovered, finishing in the middle of the pack. Could the same happen this year? If the loss to Man U last week in the F. A. Community Shield and this week’s loss to Hull are an indication, then yes.

Hull could be be thinking that they could be the “new Leicester City” now as well. After last season, no club should feel they don’t have a realistic chance to do well in the Premier League.

Leicester Goes Down to Hull in Opener

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