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London Olympics Day 4: Women’s Volleyball Dodges A Bullet, Men’s Gymastics Falls Short

London Olympics Day 4: Women’s Volleyball Dodges A Bullet, Men’s Gymastics Falls Short

It’s hard to keep track of all the daily events now that NBC has taken over the airwaves with six TV channels. But at the end of the day the “good events” are still aired in the evening, during prime time.

I had three events that I was curious about on Monday: U.S. Women’s volleyball vs. Brazil, the Men’s gymnastics team and of course swimming.

Winning: I was able to catch one great event during the day: the U.S. Women’s volleyball match. As you may remember, the team lost against today’s South American opponent in Beijing for the gold.

Adding to the competition between the two, at the end of 2011, the U.S. moved ahead as No.1 in the world rankings, ending Brazil’s four-year reign.

The women faced stiff competition from its rival but dodged a bullet by winning 3-1. The third set (22-25) was ugly and you couldn’t help but notice Brazil looked like it they wanted the win more. But the U.S. rallied to take the fourth set 25-21.

Team coach Hugh McCutcheon said of his team via AP, “I think our best is yet to come. We certainly had some areas that we can improve on. … But that’s the great thing about this team, they keep trying to master their craft.”

With their 2-0 record, the U.S. team will now face China on Wednesday evening.

Losing: My next question was, Will the men’s gymnastic’s team take home the gold? The odds were against them as they’ve only won the team gold medal once in Olympic history–back in the boycotted 1984 Los Angeles Olympics.

The dry spell would continue again as the team finished a disappointing fifth place.

So what happened on Monday? It was all about the pommel horse.

After having a so-so peformance on the floor exercise, the second event of the pommel horse did the team in.

The team’s three competitors performed poorly (tears came to John Orozco’s eyes from a bad landing) and after the pommel horse went through two rotations, the team found themselves in seventh place, according to the Chicago Tribune. They couldn’t rebound but managed to pull themselves up to fifth place.

Orozco said of today’s performance, “It didn’t go as planned today. I can’t help but feel personally responsible because I did five events. I did the most out of everyone and I botched two of them. It hurts.”

And now for gymnastics fans, the hopes will lie with the U.S. women’s team to bring home the gold in the team competition. Expectations are high.

TBD: My third question for Day 4 was whether Ryan Lochte would take home the gold in the 200m freestyle against China’s Sun Yang and France’s Yannick Agnel. I know the outcome of the event but I am not going to make this a second spoiler alert.

As for Tuesday’s events, the Men’s U.S. basketball team will take on Tunisia. There’s the Women’s all-around gymnastics (artistic) competition and Women’s soccer. And yes, another round of swimming (men and women’s competitions).


London Olympics Day 4: Women’s Volleyball Dodges A Bullet, Men’s Gymastics Falls Short

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