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Manchester City Imploding Before our Eyes

Manchester City Imploding Before our Eyes

Manchester City was one point off the lead in the Premier League before their home match last Saturday against Chelsea. It goes to show how quickly a season go go south. Not only did they lose a home match for the first time this season 3-1, they also have lost top scorer Sergio Aguero for four games and Fernandinho for three games because of red cards they got in that game.

Under first year manger Pep Guardiola, City has followed the same script as last season, a season that got their coach fired. Last year they began the season hot, then faded as injuries mounted. Sound familiar? The first month under Guardiola, City looked like a sure fire Premier League champion and a team that may even compete for the Champions League. Not they look like a team that might not even get back to the Champions League next season.

City took a 1-0 lead into half time but a miss from DeBruyne in the second half from point blank and two red cards later, the roof caved in. City finished two men down and two goals down and now trail Chelsea by four points in the standings. Not only have they fallen from first to fourth in half half of football, they now face four games without their top goal scorer who already had a three-game suspension this season. So in City’s first 18 games, Aguero will have missed seven of them.

City leads Tottenham by only three points so they could easily fall out of the top four before Aguero gets back.

So what does City focus on now? Should they put all their eggs into the Champions League basket? They have advanced to the Knockout Round after finishing second in their Group. In Group Play they scored a huge 3-1 win over Barcelona. Any team that beats Barcelona is capable of beating anyone.

But they will have to start playing better in the Premier league if they want to get back into the Champions League next season, unless they can go all the way and win it this year.

Will City use this setback to regroup and start playing like they are capable of? Or will they continue to slide down the table? We should know in the next couple of weekends. Whatever happens, it is looking like Chelsea is on their way to the Premier League Championship now.

Manchester City Imploding Before our Eyes

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