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Most Overrated NFL Player? Let’s See

Most Overrated NFL Player? Let’s See

Ok. So I don’t believe we needed a Sports Illustrated survey to tell us that Tim Tebow was the most overrated player in the NFL. Everyone with half a football brain — actually with much less than half a football brain could have told you that. Which makes you wonder what kind of brains if indeed the word is brains, football TV pundits have (or maybe more accurately, don’t have) when you watch them week after every week talk about Tim Tebow as the second coming. Really??

Interestingly, coming in behind Tebow, is his team mate and by far more of a real football player, Mark Sanchez. Now Sanchez is clearly overrated. But 2nd most overrated? I don’t know. I am not sure there are as many plaudits out there for Sanchez today as one might think. He is clearly a far better football player than is Tebow. By very much further than one might think. He came out of USC with an unconscionable amount of hype but one would be hard pressed to suggest that it has maintained. Yes, he did not live up to the purported promise but clearly was a serviceable and on occasion, a better than average quarterback. Overrated? Maybe some. Second most overrated, I don’t know.

More interesting to me though are the names that come up next. At the number 3 position, Tony Romo, quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys. Now I know he tends to suck and I am not partisan in this regard. But I have seen, as I am sure have many a football fan, enough brilliance and quality on occasion to suggest that surely, the number 3 position as the most overrated player might be a little much. Still, one can’t argue with the general argument that he is overrated.

Apparently, Michael Vick comes in at the number 4 position as the most overrated football player. This is a tricky one. Looking at 2012, and just the 2012 season alone, it is an argument that can reasonably be made. What with the unconscionable number of turnovers and sheer offensive ineffectiveness. The saving grace for Vick is his penchant to suck for 90% of the game, except for three to four minutes of brilliance that are often enough to win. Such quality is rare. Very rare. The day an NFL team can play Vick straight up, without adding a wrinkle for his unique ability, I will listen to the argument. As it is, I am not sure that such a talent can ever be overrated.

Most puzzling and strangest of all, was that Ray Lewis of the Baltimore Ravens was named the 5th most overrated player. Ray Lewis folks. Ray mother#$%*ing Lewis? Overrated? This is a joke? Ray Lewis is a badass. He has been one since the day he entered the league and remains one to this day. I dare any one team to play the Ravens straight up, not accounting for Ray… Any team any day I day you all. The survey was of NLF players. Me thinks there was a little bit of jealousy involved. What a load of bunk? The last man that belongs on the list of the NFLs Most Overrated Player is Ray Lewis.

Most Overrated NFL Player? Let’s See

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