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NFL Games to Watch: Week 11

NFL Games to Watch: Week 11

It is already week eleven of the NFL season, and many teams are still in the playoff hunt. The Packers are red hot right now, and look untouchable. The AFC west is still wide open because all four teams basically have the same record. Actually the only team that has their division locked down is the 49ers. You read right! Even though the Packers are undefeated, the Lions and Bears are only three games behind and are good enough to catch up. The three teams in the 49er’s division have no chance of catching up because they suck. There are many games that will be entertaining this week, but three games promise to be especially great.

The first game I will be watching is the Bengals verses the Ravens. The AFC North has three teams that are in a very tight race for first place in this division, and two of them are the Bengals and Ravens. Both teams are coming off losses and are looking to rebound this week. The Bengals may be without Green, but the Ravens may be without Lewis. Overall, the Ravens have a more balanced offense and are undefeated at home, so they will have no problem taking care of the Bengals. Prediction: Bengals 16 Ravens 27.

The second game that I will be watching is the Bucs verses the Packers. The Packers look good on both sides of the ball, and look pretty unstoppable. However, the Bucs are no push over and will be bringing their A game going up against the defending champs. I think the Packers take their first lost with Freeman leading the Bucs to another fourth quarter comeback. Final score: Bucs 23 Packers 20.

The third game to watch is the Chargers verses the Bears. Both teams need a win in order to stay in the playoff hunt. The Chargers have been struggling in the past weeks, to say the least. Rivers has been mediocre and the Charger defense has been less than spectacular. The Bears are coming off an impressive win against their rivals, the Lions. My prediction: The Chargers will continue their melt down as the Bears take this game in an impressive fashion. Final Score: Chargers 17 Bears 34.

NFL Games to Watch: Week 11

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