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Nick Saban is the GOAT

FILE - In this Sept. 29, 2012, file phot, Alabama coach Nick Saban questions a referee in the first half of an NCAA college football game against Mississippi at Bryant-Denny Stadium in Tuscaloosa, Ala. Saban will have a reunion of sorts from Kent State's 1972 Mid-American Conference championship team, since he couldn't make the first one. The Alabama coach was a safety on that team 40 years ago, while Missouri's Gary Pinkel was the star tight end. They'll be opposing coaches for the first time Saturday in Columbia, Mo., instead of teammates and co-workers.(AP Photo/Dave Martin, File)
Nick Saban is the GOAT

Clemson Tigers fans would have loved for this headline to mean Nick Saban had made a stupid move that cost the Alabama Crimson Tide the National Championship Game. And it very well have. No, this GOAT stands for Greatest of All Time. He now has won five National Championships, which ties him with legendary Alabama coach Bear Bryant, and he has dome it in far fewer seasons.

On Monday, in a 24-24 game that looked as if the Tigers had a very good shot at winning, Saban called for an onside kick. It worked to perfection and the Tide converted into a go ahead touchdown a couple of plays later. How many coaches have the guys to make that call in that situation? If that play fails and leads to Clemson getting a go ahead score, he looks the fool and this headline still applies, but for a whole different reason.

Sometimes things go your way and they seem to for Saban an awful lot. Think about the fact that id not for some guy from Arkansas having the good sense to throw a ball blindly backwards on a 4th and 25 play in overtime against Ole Miss, Alabama is probably not even there on Monday Night. That is because Alabama would not even have played Florida in the SEC Championship Game. Ole Miss would have instead. We likely would have been watching Urban Meyer and Ohio State going for their second in a row and he could have won his fourth overall, tying him with Saban.

But in Alabama’s credit, they get a break like that and they take advantage, just like they did a few years ago when an unbeaten Oklahoma State went into Iowa on a Friday night and lost to a mediocre Iowa State, knocking out the Cowboys and sending the Tide to the BCS Championship.It takes a bit of luck in college football, but you have to be good enough for the luck to help, and Alabama always is.They are the undisputed true kings of college football. Notre Dame, Michigan, USC, Ohio State, Florida State, Miami, Florida need not apply.

For all you Alabama fans, put the houndstooth in storage. Nick Saban is the new Bear Bryant. He is the Greatest of All Time. He is the GOAT.

Nick Saban is the GOAT

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