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Only 3 Things Matter In The Ravens v Patriots Game

Only 3 Things Matter In The Ravens v Patriots Game

Last Week: New England crushed the hapless Denver Broncos. The Baltimore Ravens crushed a very good Houston Texans team. Both teams (the Ravens and the Patriots) were at home for the fixtures. To be fair, I might have put together a team with the knuckleheads down at the car wash that could have beaten a forlon Denver Broncos team playing without a quarterback. But I couldn’t even begin to suggest the same thing about the Houston Texans. Advantage Baltimore Ravens: : New England Patriots 0, Baltimore Ravens 1

Quarterbacks: Tom Brady is hands down stone-coldest, iciest, killer instinct-driven quarterback ever in the history of football, with the ridiculous skills to back it up. So he is a little nicked this week, but so what? He does not rejoice in just winning. He looks to destroy and humiliate the opponent. He would play as hard with a 50 point lead and he does with a 3 point lead. He never seems to have scored enough and itches for more. Try as we might, all we can say for Tom Flaco is that he plays quarterback for the Baltimore Ravens. Advantage New England Patriots: New England Patriots 1, Baltimore Ravens 1

Defense: Baltimore has one of the toughest defenses of recent years (ranked 3rd overall in total defense for the season, 4th in passing defense and 2nd in rushing defense). Last week some of the best defenders ever were displaying their wares for the Baltimore Ravens – Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, Terrell Suggs, Ladarius Webb, Bernard Pollard, Cary Williams and the list goes on. For the New England Patriots you had…ummmm, never mind. Advantage Baltimore. New England Patriots 1, Baltimore Ravens 2

Close, but the Baltimore Ravens win it to go on and play the New York Giants in the Superbowl.

Only 3 Things Matter In The Ravens v Patriots Game

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