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Orgeron Gets the Nod at LSU as Herman Goes to Texas

Orgeron Gets the Nod at LSU as Herman Goes to Texas

What a roller coaster ride the LSU Tigers fans have been on the last few days. On Thanksgiving, it was being reported that the Tigers had managed to swoop in under the noses of the Texas Longhorns to swipe the Houston Cougars coach Tom Herman from them. Herman would have been the kind of big time coach the Tigers fans could get excited about perhaps giving the Alabama Crimson Tide some competition in the SEC West.

But on Saturday, Herman decided to take the Longhorns job, and LSU. left at the altar, has settled on interim coach Ed Orgeron. Orgeron has done a pretty good job as the Tigers interim coach, going 5-2 and giving the Tide all they could handle in a 10-0 loss a few weeks ago. But LSU fans can hardly be blamed for being a bit pessimistic about the future with a coach who once went three seasons at Ole Miss with fewer SEC wins than he already has at LSU and also was passed over for the USC Trojans job despite doing a similar job for them as the interim coach after the firing of Lane Kiffin.

Speaking of Kiffin, it is being reported that he may be moving from the Tide to LSU to be the offensive coordinator for Orgeron. Wouldn’t that be an interesting turn of events? If Kiffin goes to LSU. it would be a coach leaving Alabama for LSU, who once had Tide head coach Nick Saban leave them and eventually wind up turning Alabama into a ring-winning machine. It would also mean that Orgeron, who once world for Kiffin at USC, would be his boss now.

The Kiffin-Orgeron combo didn’t work out so well with Kiffin in charge at USC. It would be interesting to see how it would do with Orgeron in charge at LSU.

But the Tide fans will not likely lose much sleep over losing Kiffin to the Tigers. Saban is the real genius behind the Tide’s success. He loses coordinators all the time but the machine just rolls on. Herman probably looked at both jobs and saw that his chief competition in the Big 12 is Oklahoma, then looked over at the SEC West and saw Saban and the Tide. That made his decision a no-brainer.

Orgeron Gets the Nod at LSU as Herman Goes to Texas

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