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Report: Russell Wilson Wants Huge Contract

Report: Russell Wilson Wants Huge Contract

It’s all about the Benjamin’s, baby.

In order to be the best, you have to beat the best. In order to make the most money in the NFL, you’re going to need beat arguably the best QB in the game- Aaron Rodgers.

The non-steroid A-Rod currently makes a butt-load of money from his current deal. The five-year, $110 million dollar pay-day is the highest in the NFL, and Russell Wilson wants more than that, according to Jason Cole of Bleacher Report.

Continuing the reports of  Wilson wanting more money, Tim Hasselbeck of ESPN said Thursday that Wilson was not being greedy in his contract demands, and the money Wilson wants is well in the ballpark of what he should receive.

“He’s made less than $2.2 million playing football in the NFL,” Hasselbeck noted. “By comparison – and I know that some of these other guys have been in the league a lot longer than he has been – but Eli Manning has made over $150 million, guys like Matt Ryan and Matthew Stafford are around $100 million. He made $2.198 million. So he’s anything but greedy to be in a situation where he’s saying, ‘Hey, listen, it’s just time for me to get paid now, guys.’

Hasselbeck continued to note the talent of Wilson, saying that he needs to be paid what elite QB’s are currently making.

“The reality is they got a great player later in the draft than you would normally get a guy, especially at that position, and he deserves to be paid at or near the very top of guys at his position based on what he’s accomplished with that team, where he is in his contract and really how he projects going forward,” Hasselbeck said. “That’s the reality of it.”

Reports have also indicated that Wilson has been handed a contract that matches an elite QB’s financial terms- Ben Roethlisberger. The deal would have Wilson make around $87.5 million over four years according to Danny O’Neil of ESPN.

Should Wilson hit the big pay-day? Yes, but I am uncertain that Seattle would want to commit that much money towards Wilson. If I were Seattle, I’d slap the franchise tag on him and go from there.

Report: Russell Wilson Wants Huge Contract

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