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Same Old Georgia Bulldogs Wilt in Big Game

Same Old Georgia Bulldogs Wilt in Big Game

If you ever wondered why Alabama is Alabama and Georgia is Georgia, it was on display this weekend “Between the Hedges” in Sanford Stadium. Alabama is the king of SEC football with 15 National Championships. Why? Because Alabama wins games like this one.

Georgia? Well, Georgia fans act like they are Alabama even though their resume more closely resembles Auburn. They have the expectations of Alabama fans, but nobody seems to know why. Georgia has won two National Championships in their history. One of those was in WWII when everyone else’s best players were off fighting Germany and Japan. Georgia had ROTC, so their players got to finish college.

Their only other National Championship came in 1980, when they had a beast of a runner in Herschel Walker and even then it took a miracle play in the Gator Bowl to beat Florida, otherwise they don’t win that one. But, their fans will still complain that Mark Richt will never win a national championship, as if anyone else would.

Georgia and Alabama both feast on weaker opponents. But when playing ranked teams, Bama is a 15-2 leader in National Championships for a reason. Georgia comes close to winning it all on occasion. But Alabama comes close nearly every year. So when facing a big game between two ranked teams, Bama goes in thinking this is business as usual.

Will Georgia ever get over that hump? It has been 35 years since they last won a national title, so they might be about due for another miracle play. But the fans will once again be all over Richt after this one, even though he is one of their most successful coaches.

Same Old Georgia Bulldogs Wilt in Big Game

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