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SEC No Longer Dominant

SEC No Longer Dominant

The College Football regular season is over and one thing we can say for sure…take away the Alabama Crimson Tide and the SEC stinks.

All season long we heard that the East was bad but the West was still really good. Wrong. How bad is it in the SEC? The Sugar Bowl has an 8-4 Auburn team going there to play Oklahoma, the Big 12 Champ. Auburn? Going to the Sugar Bowl? They lost their last two games. Against Georgia, they lost while failing to get a first down the entire second half. Alabama then stomped on them. And they’re going to one of the big bowls?

But, who else would they take from the SEC? The East Champion Florida Gators? That’s another 8-4 team. The Tennessee Vols were rumored to get in line for this game until they lost to 6-6 Vanderbilt. They also had a loss to 6-6 South Carolina. Texas A&M imploded down the stretch. Arkansas was up and down. There really was no good choice.

As far as the West being good and the East being down, take Alabama out and they were a wash. The West minus the Tide was 7-5 vs the East. The West also had seven home games to five for the East. So that’s pretty much a draw. Are we making the case the East was good? No. The whole SEC was bad.

We saw Tennessee go to overtime to beat App State and have a tough time with Ohio. We saw UMass trail Florida only 10-7 at the end of the third quarter and give South Carolina a tough game. We saw Nicholls take Georgia to the wire. Those were all East Division failures. But in the West we had A&M beat UTSA 23-10, Arkansas beat La Tech 21-20, and Mississippi State beating UMAss 47-35.

Perhaps the biggest embarrassments for the SEC came on opening weekend when Mississippi State lost to South Alabama and Kentucky lost to Southern Miss.

Now, there were some good moments for the SEC too. It isn’t all terrible.Tennessee beat Virginia Tech and Kentucky knocked off Louisville for example. But in the big matchups, take away Alabama and the SEC lost the Auburn vs Clemson game, the Wisconsin vs LSU game, the Florida vs Florida State game, the Georgia Tech vs Georgia game, and the BYU vs Mississippi State game.

So it is no longer the case that half of the SEC is better than everyone else. The SEC is middle of the road.


SEC No Longer Dominant

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