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Settling Up on Cam Newton

Settling Up on Cam Newton

Before the 2011 NFL Draft I wrote an article. Here it is in case you missed it

NFL Draft 2011: Five Reasons Why Cam Newton Is Not Worth Risking a Top Five Pick

That article was read by a few hundred people. In it I explained why I did not feel like taking Newton in the Top Five was a smart idea. My reasons were 1) lack of character 2) lack of experience 3) he’s not a great passer 4) he ran the spread in college, not an offense many run in the pros and 5) not that smart.

Nobody cared. So the fine folks at Bleacher Report told me to re-write the article and be more…shall we say…inflammatory. They told me to write in a way that people will be compelled to read it and then comment on it. So I did. This is the link in case you are one of the 12 people in America who still have not read it…

Cam Newton: Why Carolina Panthers' New QB Is the Worst NFL Draft Pick Ever

To Bleacher Report’s credit, they were right. To date the article has over 650,000 reads compared to just over 2.100 reads on the original. Maybe it’s a sad commentary on our culture that being an asshole is how you get people’s attention.

In the article I said that if Newton was still the Panthers starting quarterback when they come to Tampa Bay to play the Bucs in 2016, I would go to the game in a Cam jersey and my underwear. That set off a bomb.

For the last six football seasons, every time the Panthers win a few games I get deluged with hateful texts, emails, tweets, etc from Panthers fans wanting to know if I am going to pay off on my “bet” and show up at the game. No. And here are the reasons why I will not be there.

  1. There was no bet. For there to be a bet, someone has to take the bet. Nobody did. Not one Panthers or Cam fan stood up said “OK, I’ll take that bet and here is what I will put up.” Not one. So there is no winner on the bet therefore I do not have anyone to “pay up.”
  2. No one cares. Since the Panthers have stunk up the joint this season, there has been very little demand for me to show up. Texts and emails have stopped completely since Cam failed to lead the Panthers to victory in the Super Bowl and Tweets had slowed to a near crawl. The petition started last season  has a whopping 602 signatures, none of which have been since they lost the Super Bowl.
  3. BR is no longer run by the same people. The man who owned Bleacher Report at the time the article was written sold it to TNT sports for nearly $200 million dollars. To this date I have never seen a nickel form any article written on that site. I would assume the vast majority of the writers who helped make the owner a multi-millionaire have also never gotten a dime. Therefore, I am not going to lift one finger or spend one penny to show up at the game while BR cashes in and leaves me with nothing.
  4. Security risk. Many of the idiots who texted me, emailed me and tweeted me were threatening to me, my wife and children. Since I do not know what you gutless pieces of human garbage look like, I am not going to show up in plain sight of you so you can take a shot at me over some article about a multi-millionaire who couldn’t care less about you, me,  or whether I think he was a good choice at number one.
  5. You shouldn’t have to eat crow when you were mostly correct. The Panthers have had Newton for six years. He had a great season in one of them. The other five he’s been mediocre at best. Even if the 2011 Draft could be redone today, knowing what we know now, I still wouldn’t recommend picking him number one. I would go J. J. Watt or Von Miller at number one. If you have to go offense, then take Julio Jones.

So, yes, Cam Newton is a good quarterback. He is far from the worst pick ever. That would go to Jamarcus Russell. But, if you expect me to pay my own way, buy my own jersey, take a chance on getting beaten up or shot at over a quarterback who still has failed to produce two winning seasons in a row and will likely end the season with double digit losses, then you are about to be disappointed.

Of course, judging from the lack of traffic on social media whenever the Panthers are losing, I doubt anyone cares anyway. You all talk a lot of trash when they are winning, but let them lose a few and you all scatter like cockroaches when the light comes on. Happy New Year.



Settling Up on Cam Newton

2 Comments on Settling Up on Cam Newton

  1. I am not a Cam Newton fan at all, but your response here is a complete cop out. Nobody has to say “I take that bet…” You have chosen this as a profession or hobby. I assume that one of the things that you want out of this is readership. When you go making statements like you did, that readership is what was put up as collateral against your bet. In exchange for a promise of doing something stupid if you were incorrect, people gave you their attention and people lent you a degree of credibility. If you make “bets” (and I put bets in quotations because it was not a “bet” that you made which requires agreement from two parties, it was a statement) and are not going to honor them, then you deserve neither the attention nor the credibility and without those, why should anyone bother reading what you have to say?

    • why should i honer anything said on Bleacher Report when they paid me not one nickel then sold the site to Turner for nearly 200 million bucks? When you start showing up to your job for free while your company makes millions, then you can lecture me. Until then, shut the fuck up.

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