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Shame on Nebraska for Accepting a Bowl Invite

Shame on Nebraska for Accepting a Bowl Invite

You are the Nebraska Cornhuskers. You’ve National Championships, played in numerous major bowl games, have Heisman Trophies and All-Americans galore, and have sent many players on to the NFL. You have a long proud tradition of football excellence. What are you doing going to a bowl game with a 5-7 record? Have you no pride?

I am not a Nebraska fan. I am very glad of this today. If my team, the Florida Gators, whose football accomplishments are similar to Nebraska’s but still fall short of the Big Red, were going to play in a bowl after going 5-7, I’s be ashamed. Imagine that debacle of a team we had two seasons ago which ultimately led to the firing of Coach Will Muschamp going to a bowl of only they had beaten Georgia Southern. The Horror!

If 5-7 teams are playing in bowls now, then some of these bowls need to be eliminated. Look. I love college football. And I am all about spending the next month watching all of it that I can because,let’s face it, the season is too short. But there are many bowls over-lapping to where you couldn’t watch all of them live if you wanted to. So we can knock a few of these off the schedule, and still be able to watch as much college football as we are now.

Wouldn’t it be better for the fan if there were fewer games, producing better match-ups? I think so.

I suspect that most Nebraska fans, a proud bunch of folks, are embarrassed that they were 5-7 this season. Now they must endure the embarrassment of playing in a bowl game and possibly finishing 5-8? And what about UCLA? They were one win away from playing for a conference championship. They went 8-4. And now they have to get pumped about facing a team with a losing record?

Big Ten fans, be ashamed as well. Not only do you have 5-7 Nebraska going bowling, but also 5-7 Minnesota. I wonder of Texas Longhorn fans are upset they didn’t get a bowl invite at 5-7. I doubt it.

Nebraska should have politely declined any bowl game at 5-7. It is beneath them. Do you think Kentucky would accept an invitation to the CBI? Why do you think the CBI and CIT are full of mid-major teams? It’s because teams with lousy records who are used to playing in the NCAA Tournament don’t feel they are entitled to play in the postseason of their record is so bad they can only get an invite to tournaments whose teams were rejected by the NIT.

Shame on you Nebraska.

Shame on Nebraska for Accepting a Bowl Invite

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