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The Giants Win Super Bowl XLVI

The Giants Win Super Bowl XLVI

For many who watched NLF Football with a keen eye, it looked like the New York Giants had to be the favorites going into the Superbowl. But there were doubts. A lot of doubts. The New York Giants had had difficulty winning their own division, the NFC East. In fact, as a division winner, the New York Giants had to go through the playoffs along the path that is customarily treaded by a wild card team.

The wild card path was nothing strange to this New York Giants, having treaded that path back in the 2008 season, all the way to the Superbowl where they, strangely enough, played the New England Patriots, a game which will forever be remembered for the miracle catch by Tyree. (His full name is actually David Mikel Tyree – bet most of you didn’t know that). But here we were again, 4 years later, same teams and again similar path to the playoffs. Surely it would be different. Yes? But not by much.

The New England team, especially on the defense but very much so all round was very different. The New York Giants team was more different on offense than on the defense. But all told, it was much less different Patriots team today, relative to the 2008 team, than were the New York Giants. And it probably showed. The Giants seemed a tad more confident. There seemed to have a smidgen more swagger and belief. For these reasons, and maybe because they had better receivers, the New York Giants looked like the better team for most of the game.

The New York Giants got out of the gates like they were going to dominate the game when they forced Tom Brady to a grounding penalty that resulted in a safety. The Giants followed up with a strong drive that would end up in a touchdown, giving them what looked like a potentially commanding lead. But Brady is Brady as were the New England Patriots (aided by a pivotal offensive penalty by the New York Giants) and they came back to take a one point lead just before the end of the firs half.

The second half started with a confident and commanding Patriots drive that seemed to hand control of the game to New England and despair to New York. But that was not to be. After New England scored to open the second half, the New York Giants started to claw back. With minutes left in the 4th quarter, and down 15 – 17, the New York Giants went up 24-17 on an Ahmad Bradshaw TD run. New England wanted to give him the touch down so they could get the ball back with a chance to win. You could see a conflicted Bradshaw first as he tried to get down and then as he let his football instincts take over to score. He must have watched the Baltimore game and he will tell you I am sure, that he fully trusted his defense. The trust was not misplaced. The New York Giants defense did not score any more points by the Patriots but it was enough for the New York Giants as they won the Super Bowl. The final score was 21-17. The New York Giants beat the New England Patriots to win the Super Bowl XLVI!

The Giants Win Super Bowl XLVI

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