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The Laughable 2012 BCS System

It is easy to rail against the BCS in most seasons.

The Laughable 2012 BCS System

It is easy to rail against the BCS in most seasons. Unless there are two and exactly two undefeated teams and both of them are from BCS conferences there will always be complaining a bout who should play in the National Championship game. Last year was an example of that, as both Oregon and Auburn were the only two undefeated teams from BCS conferences and they played for the title. Even then, an undefeated TCU won the Rose Bowl and could have made a case of being involved.

This year, there was no such season, and the BCS seemed to do its worst job yet. For the second time ever a team that couldn’t even win its division, let alone its conference, is playing in the National Championship game. In 2001 it was Nebraska, who was drilled in its final regular season game by Colorado, that went to play Miami in the Rose Bowl. This year it was Alabama, who, quite frankly, has no business being in the National title game.

Alabama had its chance against LSU. They played them at home and couldn’t even manage a touchdown while missing four field goals. Now they get another chance even though Oklahoma State won its conference against a tougher schedule. So what if Alabama wins this time around? Do we split the title? Is Alabama the true winner? Do we play a rematch on an aircraft carrier in international waters so they can circumvent the NCAA’s laws?

Then you have the travesty that is the Sugar Bowl, where Michigan and Virginia Tech received at large bids instead of more worthy teams like Boise State, Kansas State, and Michigan State. Boise State’s only loss was by a point when it missed a short field goal, but apparently that is much worse than Michigan crapping itself at Iowa. Virginia tech played absolutely no one, got drilled by Clemson twice, but apparently that is better than Michigan State beating Michigan and Wisconsin, both the Big Ten’s representatives in the BCS.

Sadly, the answer is so simple that only the CBS organizers can’t figure it out. You have 10 spots for BCS bowls and two for the National title. You have to play within the traditional bowl structure with the Rose Bowl, which is the last bastion of college football tradition. Fine. I’ll fix the BCS for you right here with three rules:

1. To play for the National title you must be a conference champion.

2. The Big Ten and Pac-12 champions meet in the Rose Bowl unless one is No. 1 or No. 2 or not in the top 10.

3. The top 10 teams get automatics bids to the BCS.

That’s it. It is simple. It eliminates the politics. It eliminates the bitching because if you don’t want to bitch, then don’t lose and get into the top 10.

The Laughable 2012 BCS System
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