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The Pick of the Week – NFL Week 11

The Pick of the Week – NFL Week 11

I was unable to catch up with my buddy K last week and we ended up missing his pick of the week. Well I caught up with K earlier today and as usual, I am quoting K:

For this week’s pick, I have chosen the once undefeated Atlanta Falcons. The Falcons play the Cardinals at home. I would pick the Falcons’ highflying offense offense over the the Cardinals stumbling offense. I would also choose the Falcons defense instead of the Cardinals defense under most circumstances. However, here the Falcons are at home where they are very hard to beat and they are just lost to their nemesis, the New Orleans Saints. The Falcons believe that they do not get the recognition that they deserve. After each earlier win, when interviewed, a Falcons player would reference the team not being given the national attention that they deserve.

1) Atlanta Falcons over the Arizona cardinals by 3 point or more.

I believe that the Atlanta Falcons will be fueled by that desire for “the respect that they deserve”. Matt Ryan will have a QB rating of over 100 and the Falcons will run the ball for more than 100 yards. Even though statistically, the Cardinals allow fewer rushing and passing yards per game, the Cardinals will see each of these season averages exceeded.

The Pick of the Week – NFL Week 11

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