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The Playoffs That Delivered Beyond Our Expectations

The Playoffs That Delivered Beyond Our Expectations

One could not have asked for a better playoff weekend than we just had. And if you did, you would be hard pressed to find one. For us here at the BadaSSitude Blog, all the games played out as we expected. In every instance, the team that we gave the advantage came out ahead. We were a little surprised at some of the actual results but not by much. But what a weekend of football!

The Denver Broncos were exactly who we thought they were and the New England Patriots did to them precisely what we thought they would do. There wasn’t a more flawed offense in these playoffs than the Denver Broncos. The primary requirement for the offense for any team in the NFL is a quarterback. Miraculously, the Denver Broncos had had some success without one. The truth was bound to catch up with them at some point and it did this past weekend in the form of the New England Patriots.

The San Francisco 49ers were as advertised. They are a hard-nosed defensive team with a penchant for creating turnovers. When we previewed the game, we knew it would be a tough afternoon for the New Orleans Saints. Two things surprised us nevertheless – how dominant the 49ers defense could be and on the flip side, how resilient the New Orleans Saints offense could be. For all the takeaways by the San Francisco 49ers, the New Orleans Saints were in that game right up to the end!

The Ravens were the Ravens, although we expected a little bit more from their offense. But their defense was stout and stellar. It is hard to imagine a defense that has been more consistent for so long. They were flawless. They handed their offense gifts over and over again. Wonderful stops, turnovers, near scores which the offense did very little with. That ageless wonder Ed Reed was simply exceptional. The other one, Ray Lewis, was running down opponents faster than 2011 draft picks could and he is 37!

The New York Giants surprised us with the amount of abuse the heaped on the previously near perfect Green Bay Packers. But the signs were there all along – we had previously discussed how they had scored 35 points on substantially the same defense and we wondered whether with a few more healthy players they could repeat the feat. They did. We suggested that the way their defense was playing with more their defense healthy, the Packers line would have a tougher time protecting Rodgers and the offense a tougher time scoring. We were right. Still, we didn’t think it would be that bad. It was.

The Playoffs That Delivered Beyond Our Expectations

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