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The Skins are in! Redskins defeat Dallas and win the NFC East

The Skins are in! Redskins defeat Dallas and win the NFC East

It’s been a long time coming for Redskins Nation and they deserve to celebrate and enjoy tonight’s victory over the Dallas Cowboys. With the 28-18 victory the Washington Redskins captured the NFC East title and a playoff spot. The Skins host the Seattle Seahawks in the first round of the playoffs next Sunday.

Star rookie quarterback Robert Griffin III is clearly not healthy but he was healthy enough to get the victory. His pinpoint accuracy and dazzling ball handling was too much for the Cowboys defense to overcome. Fellow rookie, running back Alfred Morris is healthy and he picked up whatever slack that RG3 couldn’t. Morris and the Skins O-line dominated the game and the Cowboys had no answer for them.

Morris finished the game with 200 yards on the ground, along with three touchdowns on 33 carries. Morris also broke Clinton Portis’ single season rushing record, finishing the season with 1,613 yards. Dallas actually came to play and played a decent game. But Tony Romo played like Tony Romo in a big game, that’s not a good thing for the Cowboys. Romo threw three interceptions and had trouble with the Redskins blitz all game long. Once again Romo didn’t get it done in a do or die game and you could see the pain and frustration on his face as he sat on the bench after throwing his final interception.

Griffin did just enough to win, as he was clearly hobbled by that injured knee. Griffin finished the game with 100 yards passing and 63 yards rushing. He had two timely 17 yard carries that were huge, along with a 10 yard rushing touchdown.

The Redskins defense also came up huge in the victory, mainly cornerback DeAngelo Hall and outside linebacker Rob Jackson. Hall matched up with Dez Bryant for most of the game and pretty much shut him down. Hall usually plays the inside slot corner position but he took the challenge to step outside on an island against the Cowboys biggest weapon and he clearly won the battle. Bryant finished with four catches and 71 yards before leaving late in the game with an injured lower back. Corner Josh Wilson also matched up with Bryant from time to time and he also fared well against the Cowboys number one receiver.

Rob Jackson had another huge play tonight, just as he has the past month or so. Jackson dropped off in coverage late in the fourth quarter and picked off a Tony Romo pass that pretty much sealed the victory. The Redskins defense has been a bright spot and huge part of this miraculous playoff run, and tonight was no different. The Skins offense gets tons of credit and recognition, as they should, but the defense has stepped up during this 7 game winning streak. They’ll have to keep it up as they enter the playoffs and make a run at the Super Bowl.

Nobody thought the Redskins would win 7 games straight and make the playoffs when they were 3-6 at the midway point of the season. But they did it. They’re in the dance now and anything can happen from here on out. They must continue to take it one game at a time and play with the same passion, confidence, and intensity that they have during this winning streak. If they do that then they have a good chance at keeping this thing rolling and competing for a Super Bowl. Redskins Nation and the Redskins organization are happy and celebrating tonight…but the job isn’t done yet. The overall goal has not been accomplished and they can’t stop until it is.

Enjoy victory Monday and get ready for Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks in a showdown of the rookie quarterbacks. It’s going to be a battle between two hot teams and two physical defenses. This game will probably come down to how healthy RG3 is next Sunday. But we have all week to worry about that, tonight the celebration continues because the Skins are NFC East champs for the first time since 1999 and the Skins are in the playoffs!

The Skins are in! Redskins defeat Dallas and win the NFC East

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